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A Cultural History of How an Exotic Plant Seduced Civilization
Taschenbuch - 416 Seiten
Autor: Iain Gately



The Tropical Look

An Encyclopedia of Dramatic Landscape Plants
Gebundene Ausgabe - 524 Seiten
Autor: Robert Lee Riffle
Meant primarily for gardeners in USDA zones 8-10, "The Tropical Look encompasses most of the southern U.S. and the West Coast. This groundbreaking encyclopedia of lush plants will also be useful to gardeners in other zones who are interested in growing tropical-looking plants (as opposed to strictly tropical plants, which cannot endure a frost) as half-hardy, annual, or conservatory plants.

A compendium of some 2,000 plants which either appear to be or literally are tropical, plus cacti and succulents. Ideal for gardeners in USDA hardiness zones 8 and higher, it also lists some plants suitable to cooler zones as annuals or die-back plants. Each entry provides complete information on co



An Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms

Gebundene Ausgabe - 528 Seiten
Autor: Robert Lee Riffle, Paul Craft
Cowritten by the author of the award-winning "The Tropical Look (see page 32), "An Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms offers a definitive account of palms that may be grown in the garden and landscape. Because palms are often underutilized as a result of their unfamiliarity--even to tropical gardeners--Robert Lee Riffle and Paul Craft have exhaustively documented every genus in the palm family. Approximately 890 species are described in detail, including cold hardiness, water needs, height, and..



Palms Won't Grow Here and Other Myths

Warm-Climate Plants for Cooler Areas
Gebundene Ausgabe - 308 Seiten
Autor: David A. Francko



Tropical & Subtropical Trees

An Encyclopedia
Gebundene Ausgabe - 484 Seiten
Autor: Margaret Barwick
This exhaustive, lavishly illustrated A-Z encyclopedia describes tropical and subtropical trees by their specific attributes and profiles, such as color, shape, texture, flowers, foliage, or fruit. It also includes a collection of useful quick-reference checklists that help gardeners, designers and planners to choose appropriate species for specific use and conditions. Useful summary boxes for every species cover details such as growth habits, light and shade requirements, tolerances, soil types, details of propagation and problems that may occur. It is both a superb introduction for the beginner and an authoritative companion for the enthusiast and professional, providing greater knowledge and understanding of the key elements of tree classification, anatomy and use from around the world.



The Great Exotic Fruit Book

A Guide to Tropical and Subtropical Fruits
Taschenbuch - 160 Seiten
Autor: Norman Van Aken, John Harrisson



Palms Throughout the World

Gebundene Ausgabe - 410 Seiten
Autor: John Dransfield (Vorwort), David L. Jones



Exotic Foods

A Kitchen and Garden Guide
Taschenbuch - 224 Seiten
Autor: Marlan Atta



Success with Orchids

Growth & Care of Exotic Blooms
Gebundene Ausgabe - 128 Seiten
Autor: Wilma Rittershausen



Apple Identifier Palms

The Illustrated Identifier to Over 100 Palm Species
Taschenbuch - 80 Seiten
Autor: Martin Gibbons
This is an easy, practical guide to cultivating and identifying over 100 species of palms. Colour photographs illustrate each entry and aid identification, and the text provides comprehensive descriptions of appearance, structure and habitat.



Exotic Fruit and Vegetables A-Z

Taschenbuch - 252 Seiten
Autor: Josephine Bacon



Exotics Are Easy

Taschenbuch - 128 Seiten
Autor: Master Craftsman
Exotic plants are blazing their way into the conservative world of English horticulture. 183 full colour photos.



Big Leaves for Exotic Effect

Taschenbuch - 183 Seiten
Autor: Stephen Griffith
Ideas on using large-leaved plants for dramatic effect in any garden. Detailed photographs and concise descriptions.

Exotic gardens are free of the restrictions of conformity, they are imaginative, experimental and exciting. The strange and architectural beauty of big-leaved plants can be used to evoke a tropical atmosphere, even in a cool, temperate climate. The shadows they create and the way they catch the light makes the most of changing conditions, from early morning mists to hot summer evenings, and with so many evergreen species, the colour and shape of their foliage can add interest year round. Through...



Hardy Palms and Palm-Like Plants

Taschenbuch - 172 Seiten
Autor: Martyn Graham
Palms provide a strong, natural focal points in a garden and, as hardy evergreens, add year-round interest and a touch of the exotic. This book explains how to make the most of the variations they offer in foliage colour, shape and texture and how to use this to create successful borders and garden designs. Covering mixed plantings, hard landscaping and the use of tubs, planters and other containers, it reveals how to display palms and palm-like plants to dramatic effect. - Hardy palms increasingly available around the world in a wide choice of varieties. - Over 100 of the most readily available species are listed in an extensive directory. - Hardiness ratings and individual growing requirements for each plant. - Full descriptions of flowers, fruits and leaves help you choose the plants. * Also includes essential advice on planting, maintenance and propagation. * Top author: Martyn Graham has spent his life in contract gardening and has been growing palms and other exotic plants for the last 10 years. His interest in palms has taken him around the world and seen his work published in various magazines, including the European Palm Journal.


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